Thursday, 16 October 2008

The No Show Shatner Rating System

Most cultural critics give a star rating. However, we at The No Show rate our cultural artifacts on a much more demanding level – the Shatner Scale. Roughly speaking, this calibrates as follows:

Kirk = *****
Hooker = ****
Denny Crane = ***
The part he played in Miss Congeniality = **
A cameo in Quincy = *
(or ********* if you really liked Quincy and Star Trek)

For the unforgivable heathens not au fait with The Shat's career, we suggest you get up to date, but in the meantime we also provide a simple three point guide to accompany The Shatner Scale.

Yes: Means you should, see, read, listen to or do it.
No: Means you shouldn't see, read, listen to or do it.
Maybe: Means you should make your own bloody mind up. What are we, your mother? No, if you've found this site, it means you've managed to surf away from and have the ability to understand quality. And it just means Maybe.

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