Friday, 17 October 2008


UK Release date: 17 October

Burn After Reading
, the new film from The Coen Brothers, is a new film by The Coen Brothers, aka "The Two-Headed Director", aka The Coen Brothers, aka Joel and Ethan Coen. Coen. Brothers.

The plot (as gleaned from a number of expert sources), seems to revolve around the instructions implied in the title. Hence: a book, fire and bringing the two together like hot steamy literate lovers. Possibly due to the Terms & Conditions involved in buying said book. Or because it's shit.

The film is probably not about Hitler or Sarah Palin. Hitler wouldn't bother actually reading a book, he'd get one of his nazi henchpersons to burn it for him. They might have read it, but that would just be a coincidence. And they'd probably keep that information to themselves. Nazis weren't big on sharing.

Palin would probably try to get a local librarian to burn it. Or ban it. Or both. One followed by the other. (Epic FAIL.)

Burn After Reading stars The Brad Pitt's hair, a slick pompadour that reaches skyward. It makes Pitt look both funny and stupid. But that may just be his face.

"Who needs to learn lines, emote or connect with viewers on an emotional level?" The Brad Pitt seems to be crying out to the viewer. "Look at my hair! It's wacky. Now excuse me while I phone this in."

The film ads also feature George Clooney who has thus far avoided the lucrative and job-securing hair acting path, with the exception of O Brother Where Art Thou – also a Coen Brothers film by the Brothers Coens.

This makes three Coens Brothers films for Clooney, which is some kind of record for an actor not necessarily sleeping with one of the Coen Brothers by the Coen Brothers (I'm looking at you, Steve Buscemi.)

George Clooney has also appeared in 11 episodes of Roseanne, 17 episodes of The Facts of Life and one episode of Friends. As did Brad Pitt. Since they are both in this film and I liked The Facts of Life, this has to be a good film. Plus: it offers practical advice – burning a book while reading it would hurt.

Shatner rating: Denny Crane
Must See? Yes

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