Wednesday, 22 October 2008

BOOK REVIEW: Open-handed by Chris Binchy

Published by: Penguin
Released: October

Judo. The art of fighting. Much like the art of great writing, it involves struggling, sweating, grappling with your muse and ripping the clothes off other men. Chris Binchy's new novel Open-handed is the latest bestseller since his last bestseller and adds yet another bestseller to his personal list of bestsellers.

The title alone conjures up more images than a free porn site. But what is "Open-handed" trying to tell us? Is Binchy saying that a hand should always be open? Or that openness should be delivered by hand - like a cheese plate. This captivating tome sets out to answer these life-changing questions in several thousand words. And the answers may not be the ones you want.

Open-handed is a must-read unless you a dictionary, in which case you could just randomly read that and eventually you'd read this and pretty much all other novels (except for this not using the Cyrillic alphabet or those written in Esperanto), if you get the words in the right order.

In these financially-troubled times, what's it to be? Open-handed or monkey-typewriter? Not my call. Yours.

Shatner scale:
Denny Crane
Must read? Yes (unless you have a dictionary)

Cover image: Penguin Books

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