Monday, 20 October 2008

Book Review: CLIFFHANGER by TJ Middleton

Published by : Picador
Released: October

Don't call a book "Cliffhanger" because everyone knows what will happen. It's either set on a cliff, it's a very very delayed tie-in novel for the fabulous Sylvester Stallone mountain heist cinematic diamond or it has a suspenseful twist. Like Bruce Willis being dead in The Sixth Sense, or Kevin Spacey being Keyser Soze or Aliens being killed by water in Signs or the trees happening in The Happening. Or indeed all M Night Shyamalan films. SPOILER ALERT! Sorry, too late again. (Oddly all his films are like masturbating when very very drunk. You know that eventually something may happen at the very end but it's not worth the effort and you feel cheap and guilty afterwards.)

TJ is obviously going for the 'we-like-authors-with-initials' crowd. A crowd that served JK Rowling, TS Eliot and SP Parker so well. And made JRR Tolkien the UK's favourite all time author everrrr. With his Shatner-tinged initials (TJ Hooker - great show) and nod to Sylvester Stallone, Mr Middleton has crafted a thriller that may not win the Booker Prize but it could be the most riveting and nailbiting piece of fiction this month. Stick that on your book jacket, TJ. I know I will. Because I write my quotes on book jackets.

Shatner rating: Hooker (obviously)
Must read: Yes!

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