Tuesday, 21 October 2008

FILM REVIEW: Quantum of Solace

UK Release: 31 October
Starring: Some Scouse actor with freshly six-packed abs and tighty whities, some forgettable model who will spend the rest of her career with "Bong Girl" preceding her name and Dame Judy "Dame Judy" Dench.

"Quantum", as you'll remember from your GCSE Latin, is Spanish for "Little Mexican" while "Solace" is that feeling you get just before surfing for online porn and just after deleting your online history around seven minutes later, a kind of empty excitement, much like every single Bond film ever made. It also rhymes with "soul-ass".

So it's safe to assume that Quantum of Solace follows the heartfelt story of a sad masturbating Mexican as he tries to take over the world, only to be defeated by James Bond played by yet another mediocre actor in a film franchise with just slightly more credibility that the Police Academy series. (Note to the Broccoli clan: Steve Guttenberg woud make an awesome Bond. Awesome.)

Cointreau of Snodgrass is the 723rd product in the Bond line, which began when Ian Fleming launched his failed glue stick and spreadable condiment line, Bond Jams Bond, back in 1955. Since then, James Bond has become as familiar as crabs and as comfortable as a stale olive.

Country of Soul-ass drags James Bond into the spotlight yet again, as he picks up from where the very long baccarat game in Casino Royale left off. It is safe to assume the following: James Bond James will say "Bond James Bond" at least once; he will be up against someone mean and fairly self-deceptive - someone with major "issues"; James Bond James will have sex with at least one woman if not more (and flirt with at least one man); vehicles will be used as weapons following extensive chase scenes (but not as cool as in Die Hard 4 - he killed a helicopter with a car dude, c'mon); James Bond James will be captured and escape (possibly with the help of a woman or the man who mistook the earlier flirting and will go on to become very depressed because he didn't get any hot Bond action); James Bond James will win the day. And it will be long and fairly boring, interrupted by car/aeroplane/boat chases (I'm hoping for a high-speed tricyle showdown, myself). And an inappropriate environmental message.

James Bond James? Who gives a crap who, more like. Apart from the sexy Dench wench, why would anyone waste time and effort with this endlessly repetative rubbish? And with no Steve Guttenberg in sight, what's the point?

Shatner rating: Quincy Cameo
Must See? No


Anonymous said...

you just leave James alone - Steve Guttenburg could never pull off that blue speedo anyway....

Nick and Keith said...

I think you'll find that Guttenberg proved he has the Bond chops when he went for a little dip with a shiny alien in Cocoon, thank you very much.