Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Heroes Exclusive:
The Greg Grunberg Twitterview

For the foul-mouther pimply teens among you (and I know there are a few of you, mostly here for the rude words), Greg Grunberg is best known for playing that guy who gets killed in JJ Abrams' partially-seen monster spectacular, Cloverfield. Or that other guy who gets killed in the JJ Abrams remake of The Prisoner, better known as Lost.

For those of you born before 1994, he's best known as Eric Weiss, the always excellent foil to Jennifer Garner's various wigs in Alias (FYI, best thing JJ Abrams ever did - seriously).

For the even more ancient among you, he's Sean Blumberg in Felicity - sorry, can you all hear me over the sound of your walkers scraping against the linoleum floor in the Old Folks Home? Ok then. Yes, he was in Felicity, yet another JJ Abrams show but one I never saw because I'm a man and there were no guns, spies, partially seen monsters or zombies in it. (Oh who am I kidding, I couldn't watch it because the subtly touching human melodrama had me weeping so much that I couldn't focus on the screen long enough to last a full episode.)

But for the vast majority of you, Greg Grunberg is of course known for his role as the eye squinting, head tilting, mind reading, teleporting, turtle loving former cop and full-time Hero, Matt Parkman on the ultra super cool, entirely non-JJ Abrams -related cult hit show Heroes, now in its third nail biting and always wonderfully confusing third series.

With all of this in mind, it is with no small amount of pleasure and obsequiousness that we at The No Show can announce that we have secured, via the magical world of Twitter, an actual for real interview with an actual celebrity who is currently appearing in a TV show that we actually watch: Greg Grunberg.

And so, here, for your reading pleasure, is the full transcript of the magical exchange, word for word, just as it took place:

@greggrunberg Any time for a Twitterview? Q1: On a scale of 1-5*, how awesome is this season of Heroes? Q2: Will it get even more awesomer?

greggrunberg @thenoshow A1) I'd say this season is about a 4+ so far. A2) This season goes to 11.

@greggrunberg That's a lot of awesome. I may have trouble sleeping tonight. Thx.

And there you have it: Greg Grunberg - "Grunny" to his mates - is cranking the Heroes awesomeness to 11, people. Be prepared to have your tiny minds blown by his squinting eyed, head tilting madness in the coming months.

Coming Soon: @wilw and @greggrunberg - the Twitter Conversations

* 1 being William Shatner in original Star Trek, 5 being William Shatner in a Quincy cameo.

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