Monday, 1 December 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: Intuition by Jamie Foxx

UK Release date: 16 December

Is there nothing this man can’t do?

He can act (Ray).
He can sing (Ray).
He can play the piano (Ray).
He can pretend to be blind (Ray).
He can sing, act, play the piano
and pretend to be blind at the same time (Ray).
He can do comedy (Ray and his feebly titled DVD, I Might Need Security – because, y'know, he’s not crazy or dangerous or popular enough to really need security right now, but he might, eventually or at some point in the future, get crazy or dangerous or popular enough to need it. But not right now.*)
He can misspell Fox (Foxx).
He can drive (Ray).

Sadly, Foxx has been so busy recently with films (Ray) and his world famous cat sanctuary and salad dressing emporium that he’s had to put his burgeoning music career on the backburner.

Butnow, thank Jehovah, Buddha and Allah, he’s back with Intuition.

There can be no doubt that is a smooth selection of party jams, smooth soul grooves, jazz-lite confections and slick RnB – all powered by Foxx’s Oscar-winning talent, bravado and star presence and general Oscar-worthiness. Did we mention he won an Oscar? For Ray? Which is a film he made?

We expect Foxx to get Foxxy on tracks with creative and endlessly ambiguous titles like Lick You All Over (Touch My Nut Sack), Courvoisier, Champagne and Tang, and our favourite, Ain’t Nobody (Humpin’ Mo').

And he’s really gonna get the party started with jams such as Get This Muh'Fuh Party Started Right (extended Muh'Fuh mix), Get Up and Dance (Blind Muh'Fuh mix), Get On the Muh'Fuh Floor and Do It Muh'Fuh Style, and the now legendary Shake That Muh'Fuh Ass Muh'Fuh (or I’ll do another bad remake of an overrated TV show. Fuck Miami Vice – maybe this time I’ll remake MacGyver, Murder, She Wrote or Brideshead Revisited or Babylon 5, bitch).

So, if you like comedians who become actors who become musical actors who become musicians who starred in Dreamgirls who then go back to making movies then we suggest you buy anything by Eddie Murphy.

Shatner Scale: Denny Muh'Fuh Crane.
Must see: Maybe. Because the man is blind and drove a car on film (Ray) and that's gotta count for something.

(What do you mean...? He's NOT? Seriously? Wow. He should get an Oscar for that... He did? Well OK then.)

* NO SHOW DISCLAIMER: That bit about I Might Need Security should not be construed as an actual No Show review because I’ve seen it so I can’t review it. But trust me, he does not now, nor will he ever need security. And it’s shite.

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